zz ward put your gun down

C, walkin on my happy home, she won't give up until I'm gone.
I got ten fingers to the sky, My back to the wall, my white flag high, Hair, lips, just like a gun, She's got silver bullets on her tongue, He's deep under her spell, I'm screamin' out, but it just won't help, I think I'm.
Jolene, borrowing many of the lines.
We had so much in the studio in the early days, experimenting sonically to find the perfect vessel for my music.C, knees deep, under her spell, she's screamin' out but it just won't help.Send "Put The Gun Down" Ringtone to your Cell Zz Ward lyrics Lyrics powered by LyricFind Copyright: Lyrics Walt Disney Music Company Songwriters: zsuzsanna EVE ward.My back to the wall and my white flag high.F C, put it down, put it down, put it down, put it down.Prechorus: F G, i think i'm cursed I had him first HA!
Verse 2: C, stole my man took him from me she's got crimson eyes and a screamin' body.
Put The Gun Down is about a woman whose man has fallen for a sexier woman named Adeline.
Chorus: C, oh Lord have mercy you ain't wanna break my heart.
Bridge: D, put the gun down, put the gun doooowwn.
Prechorus: F G, i think I'm cursed, I had him first.
This song uses the main idea of Dolly Partons.C, face is young, she must taste sweet.I said don't take my man cause you know you can.This is the lead single to her debut.She won't give up until I'm gone.