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The system seems to be protected in higher places, retired police officers being involved in the management of the bars.Some sources claim up to 50 thousand Iraqi refugee women in Syria, many of them widows or orphans, have been forced into prostitution.International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences (ijcjs).Larry Getlan (August 30, 2014).A popular contemporary magazine which followed closely the news in the 'flower business' (huashi) so recorded at least one case of such career advancement that occurred to a Tanka (boat-people) prostitute in Canton.44 To say that all the University of MichiganBrill Academic Publishers (2001).This is the most common form of legal prostitution in Hong Kong.From that time on, prostitution was permitted within strict limits while prohibiting a whole host of activities surrounding prostitution, such as soliciting for sex and living off "immoral earnings" (working as a ).
This gives rise to the so-called "one-woman brothel" where one woman receives customers in her apartment, put someone through phrasal verb which is restricted by Section 141, which prohibits young persons to engage in prostitution.
Ming Pao, 5 December 2013 (in contactos mujeres huamantla Chinese).
15 Sex trafficking is a problem in the country.12 Government official figures for 2015 were 1,777 prostitutes and 194 brothels.Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work: A-N.U.S Department of State.Human Rights Watch (Report).No special action is required regarding these talk page notices, other than regular verification using the archive tool instructions below.EJ Eitel, for example, selected the small group of Tanka people in particular as that section of the population among whom prostitution and the sale of girls for purposes of concubinage flourished.There were 13 licensed Japanese brothels and 132 prostitutes in Hong Kong in 1901, with the figure reaching a peak of 172 in 1908.8 It is also illegal to traffic persons for prostitution, especially minors.Though the possibility should not be ruled out that this rather alarming estimate was based on the popular misconception that most Tanka women (women from the boat-people community) worked as prostitutes Peter Hodge (1980).Archived from the original (PDF) on Retrieved "A Diwan of contemporary life" Archived at the Wayback Machine.120 Related activities such as soliciting and brothels are illegal.In 1930 Hong Kong, with a population.6 million, boasted 200 legal brothels with over 7,000 licensed prostitutes.

Hong Kong sex trade.
There was an influx of "northern girls" ) from who worked as prostitutes illegally in Hong Kong on their short tourist visas; local voluntary prostitutes also increased dramatically in number.
In addition to these, there are many prostitutes in Laos from China and Vietnam, 116 while some Laotian women go to Thailand to work as sex workers.