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For example, 'el maga bata' means 'the children' but 'el maga bata-bata' means one's followers or subordinates, as is a gang or mob.
Leave sth with sb vtr prep (entrust) dejar confiar Can I mujeres viudas buscan hombres bogota leave my keys with you in case something happens?
5 The earliest believed attestation of a coherent creole language spoken in Cavite City comes from the Augustinian priest Martínez de Zúñiga who in his 1803 accounts of his travels in the Philippines, Estadismos de las Islas Filipinas, notes that "In Cavite and in its.Guardaremos esas tablillas sobrantes para hacer reparaciones más tarde.As Chavacano is spoken by Muslims as second language not only in Zamboanga City and Basilan but even in Sulu and Tawi-tawi, a number of Qur'an books are published in Chavacano.In Zamboanga City, while the language is used by the mass media, the Catholic Church, education, and the local government, there have been few literary work written in Zamboangueño and access to these resources by the general public is not readily available.Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages.Si una mujer habla francés o español, las posibilidades están bien (aunque no seguro) que se interesa en hombres de naciones francesas o de habla hispana.
Ya te dije que cuando salgas de tu casa, debes llevar un paraguas.
As Zamboangueño variety is also spoken by Muslims, the variety has some Arabic loanwords, most commonly Islamic terms.
The words antes (before) and despues (after) can also be used between a sentence in the present perfect using ya verb ya and another sentence in the simple past tense: Past Perfect (Chavacano) Past Perfect (English) Ya mirá kame el película antes de ya comprá.
La lluvia está cayendo!El Bunguiao, a treinta y cuatro kilómetros desde el pueblo de Zamboanga, es un pequeño barrio que una vez fue un área salvaje.A number of Merdicas volunteered to help, eventually being resettled in a sandbar near the mouth of the Maragondon river (known as the Barra de Maragondon ) and Tanza, Cavite, Manila.When Caviteño officers recruited workers and technicians from Iloilo to man their sugar plantations and rice fields to reduce the local population's dependence on the Donativo de Zamboanga, taxes levied by the Spanish colonial government on the islanders to support the fort's operations.However, the first to give a general study and investigation of the varieties of Chavacano as a group was by Keith Whinnom in his 1956 work The Spanish Contact Vernaculars in the Philippine Islands.Get left behind (be abandoned) dejar atrás, abandonar Hurry up and get on the bus or you'll get left behind!Span: Los hombres de negocio no comprarán terreno) Nunca ay/Ay nunca comprá (verb) el maga/mana negociante (subject) con el tierra (object).New generations have been slowly and vigorously using the S-V-O pattern mainly because of the influence of the English language.

Get left behind figurative (not adapt quickly enough) quedar atrás I got left behind when the Digital Revolution started.
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