Swear to god I'm outta breath.
They go collect, uhh, they owe some debt, nothin' over, nothin' less.
She just wanna fuck and I just met her at the club.Only time we naked, only time she complainin' and demand for private jets.Fuck the other side, no disrespect,.And another handful of cats, i ain't tryna fuck with the rest.Download asap Mob.Asap Mob, featured, asap Rocky, Skepta.Twist my fingers, put that on my set,.AAP Rocky: Put that on my set, uhh, uhh.Rocky rollin' up that Backwood Spilling mad weed on the floor Ice me AAP Rocky: Eyy, eyy Put that on my set I said, I flex Eyy, eyy What's that on my neck?Money te amo mi gatito poema Man features AAP Nast and Put That on My Set features Skepta.
Swear to god if I get out of line, she checkin'.
Money Man is also the title of the first track that can be heard in the 12-minute film, and the second is called Put That on My Set.
Both Money Man and Put That on My Set were recorded in the Red Bull Studios in London, and the film was shot over three days in Northwest London.
I'ma put that on my set.Swear to God I'm outta breath.They called baguettes, these bitches sweat These niggas know, they all in check And hoes on deck And plus I flex, I put that on my set Produced by Lil Awree.Intro: AAP Rocky, put that on my set, uhh, uhh.Asap Rocky Skepta Put That On My Set Mp3.Today, Rockys creative collective, awge, has unveiled its latest short film, Money Man, which features two new tracks off the.Tryna kill me for mine, now this all behind, the police tryna find.I see all the signs, but it's like they blind, tryna kill me for mine Now this all behind The police tryna find DNA on the nine Man, open the door Real niggas on tour Man, I'm ready for war Ten toes on the floor.

Fuck that other side no disrespect, uhh.
Stack of crazy niggas, comin' at my neck, man that's word to Skepta.